Millennials and Grilling

Millennials find grilling to be a fun, social and healthy way to cook, and they have a strong preference for beef on the grill over other proteins. Since Millennials say that grilling beef is one of their favorite summer activities, review the findings below to learn how to boost beef sales with this powerful demographic.

Why are Millennials Grilling?
When are Millennials Grilling?
What are Millennials Grilling?
Which Millennials are Grilling?

Why are Millennials Grilling?

When eating at home or dining out, Millennials want meals to be social as well as delicious, and they say grilling is a fun and interactive way to entertain. In fact, they consider grilling to be a better way to bond with friends and family more than other generations. Specifically, this demographic associates grilling with watching and playing sports, and they think it makes these activities even more fun. 
Millennials also view grilling as a healthy preparation option. Compared to recent years, more Americans are pairing grilled steaks with corn on the cob and grilled fruits and vegetables instead of side dishes like baked beans or baked potatoes. 

When are Millennials Grilling?

It’s no surprise that summer is a key grilling time for all demographics, but it’s especially so for Millennials. Over 80 percent of “mature Millennials” – Millennials who are between the ages of  25-33 - rank grilling as one of their favorite summer activities.

Over half of Millennials also grill year-round, which is a higher percentage compared to other age groups. 

What are Millennials grilling?

While all Americans prefer to grill  beef over chicken, mature Millennials lead the way. In fact, 76 percent of mature Millennials and 81 percent of mature Millennials with children choose beef most often when grilling. 

Mature Millennials love to grill both steaks and burgers. When it comes to steaks, they prefer traditional grilling cuts like T-Bone Steak, Sirloin  and Ribeye Steak.

Consumers of all ages love burgers on the grill, yet the highest preference is among younger Millennials. Sixty percent of younger Millennials tend to grill burgers more than any other beef dish. Among all audiences, traditional toppings still rule, but options like avocados and fried eggs are becoming more popular. 

Millennials are excited about bold flavors and are more willing to experiment with foods on the grill. Nearly three-quarters of Millennials use rubs and marinades on steaks to boost their flavor, as compared with 57 percent of Gen X/Boomers. 

Which Millennials are grilling?

Although all subgroups of the Millennial demographic enjoy grilling, mature Millennials and Millennials with children tend to prefer grilling beef more. To focus further, Millennial dads are the most excited about grilling, with 72 percent reporting plans to purchase a grill within the next year.

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