Wholesale Price Chart

How to use this one-of-a-kind industry resource

The industry’s comprehensive beef wholesale pricing update creates an opportunity for retailers to:

  • Benchmark your current costs with reported industry averages - Understand how your pricing and costs compare to what the overall retail industry is paying for beef subprimals and individual beef cuts.
  • Identify buying opportunities - Review current and previous price patterns to determine when to buy certain beef cuts.
  • Compare costs across the entire carcass - Refer to the color-coded charts to see which subprimal prices rose or fell versus one year earlier during the week in question.
Here’s how to use the new design and features:

  1. Determine whether you want to view prices for USDA Select Grade or Choice Grade beef. Scroll down to the relevant chart.  
  2. Find the primal you currently – or intend to - purchase.  
  3. Hover over the image to view the primal percent to the total carcass.  
  4. Click on the primal image to view wholesale pricing trends and historical averages for that particular subprimal  
  5. Within the Choice or Select chart, select the date from the top right drop down menu to have the prices auto-populate for the week selected  
  6.  Click the "Large Version" for a closer look at the chart; a print button enables you to print the report to refer to later or share with colleagues  
  7. Review the Additional Pricing Section for information on Choice/Select Cutouts and Spread, Primal Values, Ungraded Cuts and Trim Pricing  
  8. Click to download and print all three charts: Choice, Select and Additional Pricing Data  
  9. Subscribe to our weekly distribution list.  
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